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In the Flow of the Blockchain Events

In the Flow of the Blockchain Events

Events / 2019-12-02 19:24 PM

Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit in Dublin is over and we’re ready to tell you everything about the event passed. It was just a day and, luckily, the weather was really good.

There were 7 extremely interesting speakers. Each of them presented a special topic. Both frontline employees and project creators were among them. An important thing is that the conference was attended by a large number of partners.

Team of organizers created an amazing platform and invited the most distinguished industry experts to the conference. We’ve got so much new information and exchanged a lot of experience. Each presentation was extremely interesting, with no sign of boredom, just information value. The conference format was a real success. Presentation ‘Introduction to Ethereum’ from Luiz Fernando Cruz from Content Creator & Technical Trainer ConsenSys wasn't something new but no less interesting.

The session was dedicated to the introduction to Ethereum, as a global decentralized money and smart contract platform. Speakers covered the history of the Ethereum, Ethereum Virtual Machine, smart contract development, transactions, gas, legal problems and many other aspects. The platform is open to anyone interested in the technology.

Though, 'Enterprise Blockchain Solution for Global Payments' was the most urgent topic at the conference. It's now one of the main directions of our work in VestChain, so we were trying to catch every word and managed to make a plan for the further development of this direction.

See you at some new events!