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Developing the Eastern Blockchain Axis

Developing the Eastern Blockchain Axis

Events / 2019-10-23 17:48 PM

Eurasia Blockchain Summit ended last Saturday. Our Team members remained greatly satisfied with their journey to Turkey. The event itself together with a walk through Istanbul and acquaintance with culture and history made an excellent impression.

Still, the Summit was the key point. There were a lot of speakers, sponsors, interesting topics and discussions. Those two days just flew by.

The 1st-day agenda was almost completely dedicated to the blockchain condition and development in the Eastern region and in Turkey in particular. Such topics as investment directions, active assets, and the future of the financial service were considered.

The 2nd day was extremely important particularly for us as all the topics and issues considered were especially relevant. Such presentations as ‘Everyone Can Fund, Accelerating True Dapps and DAOs’ and ‘The Overview and Prospect of the Blockchain Industry’ were the top among all. ‘Scalability, Security, and Privacy of Blockchain’ generated a really hot discussion.

We’d like to separate the block dedicated to the blockchain ecosystem. ‘Facing the Changing Landscape for Digital Asset Exchanges on Security, Regulation, and Innovation’ was the highly discussed topic here. The panel discussion ‘Mining: The Driving Force Behind Blockchain’ brought a great deal of interesting material.

We met a lot of participants at the Summit and exchanged contacts with them, so maybe soon we’ll organize some great collaboration.

Istanbul, we thank you greatly!