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Coinvention 2019 - Biggest Blockchain Event in Philadelphia

Coinvention 2019 - Biggest Blockchain Event in Philadelphia

Events / 2019-09-25 11:49 AM

Our colleagues have come back from Philadelphia where Coinvention 2019 took place and we are now ready to share some impressions of the Summit.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were able to attend only the second day of the event. Despite the fact, we managed to completely plunge into the atmosphere of the Summit.

It was the most significant cryptocurrency event organized in Philadelphia so far. A perfect team of innovators, industrialists, and all those connected their lives with the blockchain gathered at the meeting. The Luxurious Loews Philadelphia Hotel became the place to gather all those experts and interested people. The choice was extremely good as its modernly-decorated magnificent environment played totally right as a center of attraction.

Coinvention 2019 turned out to be a real success. The summit was organized with the aim to make new connections, enhance understanding, and generate a common vision of the innovating future.

The program of the events for the second day was quite extensive. The speeches were less than half an hour but it was enough for the speakers to present as much of useful information as they can. A lot of it was interesting personally for us.The opening presentation about Free protocols impressed us a lot in the morning. Dan Simerman devoted his speech to classic rewarding systems consisting of miners and all kinds of rates. “Getting the word out to 99%” was made as an extremely interesting discussion as well. The fact that the blockchain has been existing for more than 9 years and is still not so much widely used was the key theme of the discussion. There were revealed some new methods and ways of using the blockchain technology in our ordinary life and work.

A Panel on Oracles and Smart Contracts moderating by Thomas Jay Rush was the most important part for us. Mr. Rush managed to organize the discussion perfectly well. Speakers and experts made their considerable contribution to cover the topic. We met dozens of the Coinvention participants and exchanged ideas and contacts with them. Finally, we had a really great time at the Coinvention After Party in Vespar.