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Best Blockchain Week Ever

Best Blockchain Week Ever

Events / 2019-11-11 10:10 AM

Our Team is back from San Francisco that hosted fascinating SF Blockchain Week 2019. Falling behind a bit we still would like to tell you about those days we managed to spend at the event.

SF Blockchain Week has become a place to gather developers, investors, entrepreneurs, blockchain revolutioners and all those interested to discuss what is the present and the future of the industry.

The Summit turned out to be the center of expert power on creating beneficial regulatory and investment conditions in the domain of the blockchain and cryptocurrency application. The priority of the comprehensive event that has taken an entire week was to push the spread of the blockchain technology on all possible levels - from legal to civil life. It was a big step of a global significance in the creation of new digital future and everyone could easily feel him/herself at the right place.

The event consisted of a number of blocks:

Main Event, Epicenter

Main Event, Epicenter, was organized in such a way so that to create the best conditions for multilateral dialogue between all the participants of the blockchain development process.

CryptoEconomics Security Conference

The micro-event was to bring to light the economic security aspects. Incentive, mechanism and market design as well as game theory were in the heart of this conference discussions. Crypto-economic security is one of the most urgent issues nowadays so all the stakeholders did their best to make the work of the session as more effective a it was possible.

DeFi Hackathon

“Freedom of ownership” was at the center of the block the hosts of which were extremely busy solving the issues of decentralized financial systems.

Blockchain Career Fair

The fair was a wonderfully organized space where businesses seeking to solve various problems could easily find people wishing to help them to do so.

There were many more other events dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The SF Blockchain Week agenda was so various and big that we decided to attend only Main Stage and Industry Stage.

You will find the complete list of topics and speeches at the following link:

We liked really each of the speakers and presentations that we managed to attend. We wouldn’t like to separate somebody cause you really would need to be at the event yourself to be able to assess the level of the content that was in San Francisco.

Some new contacts, interesting discussions about new projects and wonderful prospects are own own results of our stay at the Summit.

We would like to thank all the organizers of SF Blockchain Week 2019 and we express our hope to be there next year.