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Blockchain Center of Gravity in August 2019

Blockchain Center of Gravity in August 2019

Events / 2019-08-22 15:55 PM

The Singapore Blockchain Summit that took place August 20, 2019, was just a day but there was so much interesting and informative that we were ready to book the tickets for the next event.

The Blockchain Summit in Singapore was all about the blockchain industry and distributed ledger technology. Just for a day, it became a focus of attraction for the top industry start-ups, businesses, and experts.

The Summit was not just a large-scale conference but a big educational hub about digital technologies for business where people communicate, inspire each other and find new solutions.

A large number of top speakers from all over the world drove the vent to excel. The representatives of the businesses gave a lot of real-life examples of how their companies started their way in the blockchain The conference program was made in such a way to embrace such aspects as education, research, and discussion with the top experts of the industry. The interactive agenda full of meetings with speakers, round tables, and demonstration presentations really fascinated us. However, some topics were extremely important in our work. They are “Navigating the Blockchain Landscape – Legal and Regulatory Requirements” and “Cross Industry Perspective – Which Industries are Making the Most of Blockchain and Decentralisation?”. Of course, our report could be more detailed but we’ve got so many ideas and solutions that we are going not to lose time and get started right now.

Thank you, Singapore!