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Brightest Digital Asset Event

Brightest Digital Asset Event

Articles / 2019-06-05 18:20 PM

June 12, 2019, CryptoCompare holds the Digital Asset Summit.

The Digital Asset Summit is the first event to be organized in London that will gather crypto specialists from retail, institutional and regulatory spheres. The conference is going to become a unique space for the crypto community and bigger financial bodies to strengthen their links. The Summit is the continuation of the CryptoCompare’s idea to connect the blockchain technology with the classic financial system. The leading representatives and the very structure of the event address the most urgent issues of the digital asset domain such as:

Institutional participation demonstrated by the top financial companies that have their own interest in the development of the blockchain solutions in the spheres of banking, financial planning, and asset and capital management.

Cryptoasset and market management by the UK’s professional bodies participating in the implementation of the most advanced digital technologies, including those of the crypto assets.

Technological growth and disruptive financial innovations exploited by payment services and trading platforms, as well as KYC/AML software innovations.

Why we would like to become a part of the Summit?

The Summit is a milestone to follow the development in frames of the digital asset sphere. The cryptocurrency domain is expanding, it consolidates its position in the financial world. The Digital Asset Summit is going to shed light on the most advanced innovations such as security tokens, stable coins, and custody options. Stay current on the recent developments and industry trends.

It’s a perfect platform to make new business connections as well as to strengthen the old ones. No matter if you are looking for better financial solutions or want to give an innovational boost to your business, the Digital Asset Summit will bring the most outstanding professionals of the sphere to answer all your questions and to present their most challenging ideas.

See you in London!