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Innovative technologies and the threats they are hiiding

Innovative technologies and the threats they are hiiding

Articles / 2019-07-17 18:36 PM

Innovative development of the world creates new and supplements the existing threats and challenges for security and sustainable development. As a result of the use of new scientific and technological achievements there may occur the need to consider the existing well-known international problems such as human rights and environmental protection from a new point of view. As for the information field, there are such urgent issues as privacy protection, prevention of ‘electronic totalitarianism’, total state and corporate control with the use of latest information technology developments. As for the biological technologies, there are many ethical issues including that on the protection of the human biological identity. There are also certain specific challenges connected with the scientific and technological development that has transnational character.

Digital money is one of the most rapidly developing segments of innovative technologies. The turnover of digital money is rising all over the world while real sales have no such tendencies. It is likely that soon they will suffer the same fate as the money of the past eras made of precious metals. There are many digital currencies in the world. And only those currencies that have a lower commission, that are the most reliable, efficient and widely spread will gain sound popularity. Digital currencies promote the development of Internet resources, IT technologies, and e-commerce. More people get closer to the innovative technologies more challenges from the point of view of cybersecurity find their way. Teenagers make the most vulnerable social group.

The problem of teenagers’ information security in the information and telecommunication networks becomes more urgent because of the considerable increase in minors online. More children and teenagers can afford gadgets with an Internet connection. As a result, users’ activity of kids and teenagers has been dramatically increasing. At the same time, minors are less than adults prepared for the problems they may face in the network and are the least protected from the negative information flow. Limited exposure to such kind of information is the next stage in the provision of personal information security.

In this regard issues of inviolability of private life, ethics in the Internet, intellectual property, and others demand thorough consideration by the experts from different spheres. Besides, such issues should be covered in the educational institutions, from schools to the universities. The western experts have already developed the Code of Ethics that contains 8 principles of conduct of IT specialists including developers, teachers, managers, and students. The others could follow their good example.

As a conclusion, we would like to note the following. Information and communication technologies have a great influence on the modern processes taking place in the society. That is why the IT specialists in their professional activity, first of all, should follow the principles of social responsibility. These principles are based both on personal moral values and universally accepted moral and legal norms.