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Barcelona To Host A Great Event

Barcelona To Host A Great Event

Articles / 2019-07-10 19:06 PM

July is marked with not so many conferences and summits dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrency. But there is an event that made us pay attention to it. We are speaking about the Barcelona Trading Conference.

The event is going to become a meeting place for the top digital marketing professionals who will certainly not seize their opportunity to touch the most urgent issues of the industry.

The BTC 2019 gives special consideration to the needs and wants of the financial technology developers - and this is what makes the BTC stand out among similar events.

It is noteworthy that the organizers have attracted the relevant experts to supervise the meetings. In such a way, the participants will gain an opportunity to touch the ideas and views of those people who actually work in the digital spheres. The speakers suggest us considering the following urgent topics:

Liquidity, marketing strategy, mass media influence;

Emergent asset management (Stablecoins and Security Tokens);

Secure and compliant organizational structures.

Our colleagues are now at the Conference and they are really impressed with its scope. We will tell you all the details in our review. Follow the news!