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TestCon 2019: Automation Is Our Everything

TestCon 2019: Automation Is Our Everything

Articles / 2019-07-30 16:33 PM

July 31, 2019, we are going to take part in TestCon 2019 that will take place in Singapore. TestCon is the top event gathering test automation experts from all over the world. The blockchain technology ambassadors, the most promising startups, IT experts, and business representatives will come together in frames of the event. TestCon is going to become a centrum of illuminating speeches, informative panel debates, encouraging workshops, and cooperation opportunities. The Conference has all the potential to become a stage to promote the most successful ideas, the most promising trends, as well as the best practices that have already proved their efficiency. The participants will present the content in various ways - by means of demos, bright presentations, and practical cases.

The attendees will get a perfect chance to meet the most distinguished experts and entrepreneurs of the blockchain and test industries.

The event will be of particular interest and importance to us as our programmers are now actively testing new software. That knowledge and experience that we’ll be able to get as a result of attending the Conference will be of great help for us.

See you in Singapore!