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Mobile advertising builds trust with the blockchain

Mobile advertising builds trust with the blockchain

Articles / 2019-10-24 12:41 PM

About 70% of people use mobile devices only to access the Internet. Mobile advertising as a format exists everywhere: in context advertising, social media, mobile applications, etc.

Both for consumers and businesses, security issues are of the highest importance. There are often cases when companies working with the online marketing disclose or sell consumer personal information, in such a way undermining not only their own reputation but the confidence to the Internet business in general. The security issue is one of the main for companies that take their businesses seriously. Cryptography is one of the principal approaches to provide security and confidentiality of the data on the Internet. And the blockchain cryptography system is suitable for such purposes better than anything.

In opposite to other systems, all the information recorded in the blockchain is interconnected. Blockchain consists of chains of blocks lined up in chronological order. Genesis block is the 1st one, the 2nd one is attached to it, and then the 3rd one goes and so on. Meanwhile, each new block added to the chain contains the information about the previous one.

The blockchain uses public and private keys in the cryptography. A public key is a user’s digital address in the blockchain. The public key doesn’t contain any information about its owner. It’s just a secure way to determine the user’s identifier in the chain, so all the information remains anonymous.

A private key is a tool to get access to the data stored in the chain. It is not kept on the Internet only the owner of a certain digital address in the blockchain has it. In case of loss it is impossible to restore it; therefore it should be kept in a secure place.

Thus, all the blocks and once made transactions are connected by means of complex algorithms. If anyone tries to change anything in any of the blocks, the chain integrity would be under threat and as a result will be rejected by the nodes of other participants. The authenticity of each new block is verified by the participants and is added to the chain only in reaching the general consensus. To put it simply, the blockchain is absolutely transparent.

TV and web advertising development has led to the emergence of a great amount of spam and bots. The industry now needs instruments to solve this problem. Greater transparency strengthens confidence between brands and consumers. The entire advertising ecosystem will evolve thanks to the blockchain.

As for the personal data, the developers will be able to sell it (with their approval only) to the interested buyers. The buyers are free to look through the history on a case-by-case basis the information is recorded in the blockchain and cannot be falsified. Accordingly, the issue of transparency on the market and the problem of trust between data suppliers and purchasers will be solved. The purchasers will set the targeted advertising campaign without any problems and will enjoy high-quality results. As in this case, both users and developers get their profit, there is no purpose to falsify the data.

So, how can marketers use blockchain in mobile advertising?

  • to verify the advertising delivery to a real person;
  • to verify involvement
  • to prevent the rerun of an ad to one and the same person
  • to pay to publishers, tech companies, agencies responsible for the creation, delivery, and efficiency of the ad;
  • to pay to consumers for the use of their data (information about their behavior and tastes).

Can the blockchain harm marketers?

Yes, it can. Only if they will be left behind its exploitation. The businesses have to formulate their vision of innovative technology and its role in their business. Then they should act boldly to implement their ideas. The opportunities of the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies are almost limitless. Any strategy of their use will strengthen confidence in your brand.