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Contender For The Best  Summit 2019

Contender For The Best Summit 2019

Articles / 2019-07-19 15:22 PM

The Vestchain Team members have attended many blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences in 2019. However, when we attended the Barcelona Trading Conference in Barcelona that took place 10-11 July, we’ve come to the same conclusion that the Barcelona Summit was one of the best in the industry for 2019. And now we will tell you why.

First, we’d like to mention that coffee at the registration zone was extremely delicious! The first day of the Conference awarded us with exciting start-up competitions organized by Finnovating. They all were promising so we exchanged contacts with a couple of participants.

‘Latest trends for Affiliates in Crypto: How to maximize ROI and remain compliant’ was one of the topics and turned out to be quite instructive for us. It addressed the following issues:

  • Potential regulatory issues facing crypto marketers;
  • Legal/banking challenges and solutions;
  • Benefits for CFD brokers and affiliate marketers working with crypto;
  • Creative ways to master nonconventional traffic sources;

The second day was full of interesting events as well. ‘New Technologies for Cryptocurrency Transactions’ was extremely useful for our team so we’re now going to implement them in our work. As for ‘Commission-Free Trading - Financial Freedom for a New Generation of Traders’, we tried to catch every word said by Adam Todd, Digitex Futures Founder and CEO.

The time spent in Barcelona was of the greatest use, and we hope that the events that are just going to be held and that we are going to attend will just as useful and fruitful.