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How to create an IOS or Android Apps based on the Blockchain Technology

How to create an IOS or Android Apps based on the Blockchain Technology

Articles / 2018-11-02 19:43 PM

We prepared for you some pieces of advice of how to create an IOS or Android Apps based on the Blockchain Technology

Good or bad, but digital technologies continue conquering our world. The Blockchain technology has become a new face of recent digital elaborations. It is not a big surprise taking into account the fact that the blockchain can boast an unpredictable level of immutability that presents a reliable prerequisite to excellent outcomes. If managed in a right way it can be used for providing a wide range of services in the spheres where there is a place for trade and monetary relations, i.e. insurance, currency, banking, online voting, gaming and so on.

We have spoken about the advantages of the blockchain technology many times. Just to sum it up the main ones are the absence of mediators, total transparency, a high level of data security and a number of potential ways of usage. The blockchain is a perfect thing for all those places where automation goes hand in hand with progress. Blockchain may increase the speed not only of ordinary transactions but boost the operation of entire systems.

A wish to bring everything with us is quite natural. People have always tried to do everything possible to make life more and more comfortable. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a person without a mobile phone. Experts of this sphere work day and night on the development of new applications so that we could do even more things using our mobile phones. Taking it into consideration, we realize that the technologies that recommend themselves as really useful ones should be combined to help each other to keep the pace with the progress. That is why today we would like to present the information on how to develop an iOS or Android Blockchain Mobile App.

Set Goals

Earl Nightingale was an American author and radio speaker. Once he said: “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It is as simple as that.” And he was totally right. So, first decide what you are going to use the blockchain for.

Don’t forget about the consensus mechanism

No matter what the purposes of usage are, the application must be decentralized. For that consensus makes fundamental sense. Option presents a key concept of the consensus mechanism. Decentralization, as it is seen from the word itself, presupposes that there is no administrator and all the nodes within a blockchain are independent ones. The consensus mechanisms should operate to agree on the truth between all the nodes.

Use Proper Platform

Fortunately, a number of platforms offer patterns or a framework for creating an app that will be able to support blockchain. You can get some of them for free, but you will have to pay for some as well. Two fundamental thing as part of any blockchain product is exploitation of a transaction and ledger model. Don’t think you will have to move mountains to launch an app with the blockchain technology support. As we have already said some kind people have already done all the homework for you. Here you have some platforms to pay attention at: Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Hydrachain, Multichain, Openchain, Elements, Quorum. You can find all the necessary information about them on their official sites. All the platforms are being constantly updated.

Importance of the App Architecture

Mobile App Architecture is the most important thing as it is the very heart of the application. To put it simply, architecture presents a tool of patterns, instruments, and techniques that from the technological point of view support the operation of your potential application. Once you determined a device you are going to make an app for, there are still a number of things to remember when developing the architecture of the app. Here we mean caching, data access mechanism, navigation methods and of course user interface.

Interface is the App’s Face

Last but not least. There is no need to explain why user interface is so important as part of the mobile app development. Of course, one creates new apps for his or her own reasons, whether it is to earn money, to realize his or her potential in the sphere or a wish to do the good for the world. Still, one does it for people. Remember a wonderful saying Friendship won the quest. First of all, the interface should be user-friendly.

Don’t be afraid of meeting difficulties on your way. They will just make you stronger. Become a part of the progress that is coming with quantum leaps hand in hand with the blockchain technology.