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Blockchain in the professional environment of 2019

Blockchain in the professional environment of 2019

Articles / 2019-03-13 08:08 AM

Different factors are responsible for changes in social life – they are state reforms, global trends, scientific breakthroughs, and so on. The blockchain has penetrated many spheres of social life and some experts are already trying to take stock of the process (but the blockchain is just 10 years old). Moreover, some of them try to define how to figure out where is the place for people from different spheres in a new social order that has been influenced by the advanced technology of the blockchain. We can study the impact of the blockchain from different points of view: political, economic and even socio-cultural, but it would be more interesting to make a much more narrow focus. Let us today consider what changes the blockchain tech has caused and will continue to cause in the professional environment of 2019.

It is obvious, that the blockchain technology development has resulte4d in the appearance of a big family of various blockchain professionals such as blockchain engineer, blockchain developer, blockchain researcher, and smart contract developer. These experts work on the blockchain development, with the cryptographic instruments and decentralized services and write the smart contracts.

Today, according to the estimates by headhunters, an average software developer gets $15-20 per hour while a programmer with the experience of work with the blockchain technology gets $60-100. Blockchain researchers are extremely wanted as well; their quantity is quite limited while the demand for such professionals on the part of large companies and state bodies continues to grow.

So, people who know how many blockchain beans make five in the nearest future for sure won’t go without a well-paid job.


The blockchain needs a great number of software developers. These are front-end developers, web developers, Solidity developers and blockchain developers with the knowledge of the main software languages such as C++, Golang, Scala, Java, and Python. Engineers to reveal bugs and to test usability are extremely wanted as well.


Director of Investment is another valuable team member for the blockchain start-up. He or she is to convince the investors of the advantages of this or that blockchain project because now investors are not so vigorous about investing money in the blockchain. Product and project managers responsible for the product and for the project correspondingly will be in high demand as well. Such a position as Chief Technology Officer is at the interface of management and development. A person is in charge of the development and promotion of new products.

PR and Marketing

The blockchain needs highly professional marketing experts, community and event managers, as well as nice PR men. International experience, fluent English and deep knowledge of the blockchain technology and ICO are the main features the professionals have to possess.

Bounty Manager is a new occupation that came from the pure blockchain to marketing. Bounty is a participation program. The participants may get involved in ICO for the tokens that have not been released yet. The participants to the program search for the vulnerabilities in the code and promote the ICO in their blogs. The Bounty Manager’s aim is to manage the program, to communicate with the participants and to keep records of awards.


The blockchain analytics is being vigorously developed by the Big Four of the largest professional audit services all over the world – they are KPMG, Ernst & Young, PWC, and Deloitte. They now suggest their blockchain services to the non-blockchain companies.

They need financial analysts that will monitor the cryptocurrency markets and stock exchanges, estimate the crypto-investment efficiency and make predictions on the blockchain economy development.

World of Law

The legislation on the blockchain has been constantly changing; the legal status of the cryptocurrencies still is not clear. Any project that goes out on ICO needs professional lawyers with the international experience and good knowledge of the smart contracts.

According to the experts’ estimates, 1520 manufacturing companies using the blockchain technology in their activity are now in search for new team members. There are also a number of leading corporations such as IBM and Microsoft among them. As the market of high-tech personnel continues to grow, all those professionals possessing the experience of work with the blockchain obtain more opportunities for work and professional development.

The blockchain changes our life. And it does it really fast. Just think about what your children will study at schools and universities.