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October Technical Updates

October Technical Updates

About Us / 2018-10-04 19:53 PM

Our dearest Community! It is Friday today and there is one more wonderful weekend ahead of us.

It is time when one doesn't want to think about global things, all we can think about is such desired rest.

But we cannot wait to share some important news with you.

We continue doing our best to make your life with VestChain even more convenient and efficient.

Now our attention is focused on several projects that we are striving to complete.

And of course, we always remember about updating our system in general.

That is why we would like to propose you to familiarize yourself with a list of our updates that were made by our Team Members right ahead that wonderful weekend.


  • New update system
  • New device determination system
  • Redirect by user-agent's appliance
  • Documentation
  • Buttons icons
  • Crop OS versions up to 2 digits