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LA Crypto Invest Summit As It Was

LA Crypto Invest Summit As It Was

About Us / 2019-04-17 20:09 PM

Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles is over. Finally, we have some time to tell you about the event. There were a lot of extremely interesting speeches and fruitful meetings.

We especially appreciated the presentations made by Charlie Lee and Tim Draper on the 1st day. Really tasty lunch break made the day as well. It gave a wonderful opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and to exchange contacts.

Next summit, we are going to present some urgent topics ourselves.

As for the second day, Tim Smithe's speech about Mike Tyson and his new blockchain platform was something special. A great number of sponsors at the event impressed us much as well. The things can't be different at the events of such a level.

We are really pleased with our journey to LA and hope that there will be a lot more of events that we will attend.

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