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October Technical Updates

October Technical Updates

About Us / 2018-10-26 09:38 AM

October is almost over. It was really fruitful for us. Our Team has become bigger with some of new experts.

A number of new projects and developments soon will be ready for you.

Our plans for the nearest future include some more new team members. Moreover, we have already started drafting plan for 2019 working year.

In conclusion, we would like to suggest you looking at our final October update that our experts managed to prepare up to this Friday:


  • Added the possibility to export the log to a CSV file;
  • The header is now completely responsive;
  • Notifications are not deleted from the database, but stored as sent;
  • New update notifier.


  • Email notifications are now working correctly;
  • Fixed some errores and notices;
  • Other small fixes.

We wish you all cool ending of the working week and of course even cooler Friday night!