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Follow-up to the Frankfurt Blockchain Summit

Follow-up to the Frankfurt Blockchain Summit

About Us / 2019-03-29 15:11 PM

Just like we promised, we’re going to tell you about our participation in the Frankfurt Blockchain Summit Series.

The event has become a landmark for us. There were a lot of experts from completely different industries. The event was a wonderful place to meet clients and industry leaders. Besides, there were meetings of the VestChain developers and their colleagues from other companies and start-ups. The experience we’ve gained as a result of the cooperation will greatly help us in improving and optimizing our product development and implementation.

We particularly enjoyed the speeches by such experts as Juergen Rahmel and Raphael Barisaak. It is extremely useful to listen to the statements of practitioners and at once to implement all their ideas and recommendations. Otherwise, as we all perfectly know, the attendance of such events have no sense. We should do something right here and right now.

In frames of the closed round tables and group discussions, the debates on the impact of the blockchain on such spheres as insurance, retail trade, finances, and telecommunications were of the particular interest as well.

And certainly, the exchange of contacts for further cooperation has become one more positive result of our participation in the Summit.

We wish everyone a good weekend and follow our news!